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Epson Middle Throw Zoom Lens For PowerLite Pro Projectors - V12H004M06

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Epson's Middle Throw Zoom Lens #1 (ELPLM06) is an interchangeable lens that works with PowerLite Pro Z8000WUNL, Z8050WNL, Z8150NL, Z8250NL, Z8255NL, Z8350WNL, Z8450WUNL, Z8455WUNL, Z10000U, Z1005U, Z9870U, Z9875U, Z9750U, Z11000W, Z9900W, Z9800W, Z11000, Z11005 and Z9870 Projectors.

Throw ratio
XGA2.51 – 3.85
WXGA2.64 – 4.03
WUXGA2.68 – 4.10
Screen Sizes60" – 500"
Zoom Ratio1 – 1.5
Focal Length55.43mm – 83.3mm
F-Number1.81 – 2.4

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